Monday, October 8, 2012

We had some surprise visitors at the PCC from my ward. the Littles were there and totally shocked me when they walked into the settlement where I work most of the time. that was so much fun and I will try and get the pictures on here that we took. Also last week the Werner brothers who are friends of Todds were just chatting with me and asked me where I was from and when I said Anthem they said well so are we. the one said do you know Todd woods??? Well he is just my son so I guess we are now friends. Well that was sure fun too. It is so much fun to get visitors that we don't expect and they just show up. Well Todd and Michelle are coming this very week and I am very excoted to show them where I am living for 18 months and spending all my time.
Well I just saw this as a draft I had not published so I don't know if it will go on top of the one I wrote today. this I wrote a week or so ago.
So, I will just hit publish and see where it goes. By for now.

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