Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello Everyone,

This has been a great month so far. The best thing that has happened is a great visit from seven dear friends whom I have known since I was engaged to my husband back in 1962.  They are friends from our study group which have met every month for nearly fifty years so we know each other very well and our kids as well. Judy and Allen Brown, Bob and Elaine Sperry and Chad and Judy Hamilton and Mary Ann Wright all flew into Hawaii and stayed out at Turtle Bay about fifteen minutes north of Laie where I live and work
.  I was able to get some time off and spend time with them.  They spent a day here at the PCC and a darling girl from Yuma AZ who happened to be the daughter of ,Marsha Hansen, the daughter of Russ and Naomi Hansen of the old Mt. Olympus 14th ward I believe, offered to take us around on her day off. She is a guide here and in her freshman year of school at BYUH.  So needless to say it was a great day and she was very informative about all that goes on here.  We all spent other time together going to my favorite restaurant called the Kahuku Grill where I also took Murray's when they were here. Everyone has to go there as it is the greatest food in a ten mile radius or more. It is owned by one of our three Stake Presidents in the area President Hannemen and his seven sons. They are opening a new place right here in Laie shopping center and it will be called Seven Sons. Anyway lots of fun. They went to church with me even though it was at 8 am.  We had a great fast meeting and as you know I am with all freshman kids and I love them. We watched the Super Bowl together, well some of them watched the game and others of us watched the commercials and talked the rest of the time.
Anyway it was a great time and I so loved them being here so to those of you who came I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am so glad that you had such a great time as well.
So, we just keep having a great time visiting with the people who come here from all over the world. Lots of people showed up yesterday on a special tour from Iowa and filled our little mission home for about an hour and bought all kinds of things. It was crazy but fun to talk with them and they had a ball.  Everyone loves to bring something handmade from the PCC so it makes all that sewing worth it.
Did I mention the rain we have been having?? I had to get through a ton of water last week to get to my car. the place was flooded and the Lagoon nearly went over it's edges. It was actually pretty exciting.  this wee has bee beautiful again and there have been lots of visitors. We had a whole day where Amway took over the entire PCC and they were all from Asia, and that was very interesting.
Well, Pat and Dan Vassileros are here on the island and I will see them tomorrow at the church where the Kammerers form PA are going.  So that is very exciting that they will be here and at the PCC on Tues. they are good planners so they took a tour of the island yesterday and probably had a ball.
So thank you for reading this as I am sure it is getting kind of boring, not a whole lot happens here that is terribly interesting to you I'm sure.  they are working hard to get this place perfect for the month of Sept. when Pres. Monson is supposed to be here to help celebrate our 50th anniversary. that is such a big deal and everyone is so excited. The IMAX is about to reopen with a new film and that will be wonderful too.

Well, I just got an invication the the beach for an hour so I think I had better take advantage of that before I go to the PCC to work at 1:30 til closing. I have crazy hours, different every day but I love that.

God bless you all and have  great week and great month. Eleven months to go.......
Love, Brenda, Mom, or Sister Woods