Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well it is definitely time to write once again on my blog and say hi to everyone I am missing in my life right now.  It is November 13th and I don't think I have written on this blog for awhile. I guess the thing is that since I am not on a normal mission my days seem to be pretty much alike and I don't want to bore anyone.

Things have changed a bit here.  Ross and Kay Workman have been released as President of the Temple in Laie, and they were much loved by everyone here. I heard them speak a couple of times and of course they are great. Things just keep going forward though and the new President was one of his counselors and I believe a Hawaiian. I have been able to go to the Temple every week which makes me very happy. It is amazing to have one less than three minutes from my door. Once I get back to AZ I bet our new Phoenix Temple will be nearly ready to open and that will be a 15 minute drive. Wow how great is that?

So, now that Oct. is over we are thinking of Christmas and all that will be going on. Gloria and I and possibly another gal will be singing in the Christmas show that will be going on all along the sides of the Lagoon at the PCC.  I don't know much about that yet though but we have already decided to wear white mumus with read flower lei's . I am not sure I spelled that right.  I will tell you more about that when I know more.
Last Sat. we had a great day off. We usually work Saturdays except we all get one off a month in addition to our P-Day. Four of us went to Pearl Harbor and it was an amazing experience to see those ship still under the water. The main one is the Arizona where they have built a monument that you are taken out to. It is a very sacred experience realizing that those men are buried under the water there inside the ship. I heard that those who survived often want their ashes added to those who are already there. I believe there are just a couple still living.  We were fortunate to have been met by Gloria's cousin who is a Commander there. We lunched with he and his wife on base and they took us to see the Utah where the general public does not get to go. There is a small platform there as well to visit and it goes out to the edge where the ship is still out of the water. It capsized so it is on her side and you can only see about  a couple hundred feet of it out of the water. Anyway it was a wonderful day in Honolulu.

This coming Sunday we are having a Relief Society event and I have been rehearsing with the young women in my ward so they can sing He Sent His Son. They are going to be beautiful of course. I also went to ward council meetings as well as met with the RS presidency so it was a full day of meetings. It is amazing to see just how well a whole ward of freshman take on their responsibilities. However they will change quite often  with their positions and that will be tricky. There are older kids there as there are returned missionaries who are of course freshman so that is a good thing. Our RS President is Korean and beautiful and 20. So that is a good thing to have a bit more maturity in that position.

I will be very involved in the Thanksgiving dinner as will the other couple who have been assigned to this ward. Even though the University provides food the Bishop doesn't think it will be enough, so I think we will be taking runs to Costco to supplement. I think they will be renting movies and planning on ways to keep them all busy too.  The missionaries have also been invited to a restaurant for a free meal but I think I will just stick with this ward which will be fun. Please know that I miss everyone of my friends and ward members and think about what must be going on in AZ and of course all my friends in UT as well and all of my family in several states.  I love you and miss you and I especially think about my wonderful grandson Jordan serving a mission in Argentina. I am so proud of him and the life he is living. I think about what I am missing not being able to see my granddaughters in their performances. I hope you get me DVD's. Oh and Lily please be careful behind that wheel:) You are all so precious to me I love you all.