Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I can hardly believe that I have four weeks and five days to go and will be flying home to AZ. Jordan will be home on the 4th and Jazzie will be home for Christmas and I can't wait to see the grandkids and my wonderful children and all my friends.

Tonight at FHE we had to sing Aloha Oe  (can't remember how to spell that and I'm too tired to go check. Anyway it is the farewell song everybody gets to hear when they leave and it always makes them cry. The Maples are leaving this week and they are the ones who created the program for the I Work kids who come with almost nothing. They really have helped hundreds of young people and have gotten a philanthropist to help as well. I will be excited to share many stories with everyone when I return. This dear man brother Maples had a horrible accident and injured his heal very badly. They are flying home a little early so he can get it fixed on the mainland and re-cooperate there instead of here.  They have both worked extremely hard here and it was such a shame that had to happen right at the end. I hope I get to see them again some day but they live in Tennessee.

The Stake choir I direct has been a great joy to me and I look forward to being with them every Sunday. We just sand for a devotional and it was just wonderful I was so proud. Now we are getting ready for one more Stake Conference before I leave.  Also I had a really wonderful experience with my new friends who have been assigned to the settlement just these past three weeks. Rob plays guitar and has already picked up the Uke is just a few days.  His wife Kelly is a lovely singer and the three of us heard about this brother who had been badly burned on the job. We went to his home and sang to the family and he was doing quite well after weeks of suffering. He will recover and it is a miracle  for him. We loved their family and met about 5 of their 8 children.I am so excited to be able to do so many things here and I just love getting to know as many students as possible.  They really miss their families and we love to substitute as much as possible.

I love this church and I love our Savior and I feel His love here so strongly everywhere I go. It i in the faces of everyone here, it is truly a wonderful place and there is such a great feeling here.

Must close and get some rest.
Much love, Brenda