Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I have some pictures this time and will have from now on, thanks for reading my blog, still loving Hawaii.

Hi Everyone,

I have a brand new friend who teaches here at BYUH and he is teaching me all sorts of new things on my computer and my IPAD.  I am so excited because today he is helping me put my pictures on my blog finally.

So, here are some pictures of sister missionaries, couple missionaries and beautiful things I see every day.
this top picture shows some of the darling angels we make and sell.  They sell all year around. 
This is my friend Mary Ann Wright and her son and baby.  They came pretty early in my mission. Very fun.
This beautiful Lei was sent to me by my daughter Kimberly on my birthday. It was real and amazing. I loved it.
 This is President Orgill and he was president of the PCC for the past 13 years. Is now President of the Irvine CA mission. We all loved him and miss he and his wonderful wife very much.
 We make these pineapple ornaments that people love. Everything we sell helps the kids at BYUH as it helps the scholarship fund.
At Pearl Harbor called X-Ban Radar