Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I haven't figured out how to do thia quite yet. I accidentally put the same picture twice. I will get the hang of this I am sure. We just have cabinets all over the house with displays showing all the things we make there and sell. We have beautiful quilts for sale but they are made in the Phillipines. It just tkes too long to make quilts as you all know. We have dozens of other items tha people just love. Today I will take close up pictures of things that we make and sell. People like to take home momentos of their trips and they do come from all over the world. Yesterday a cou;le came in from Nova Scotia. Lots of people from China and Japan every single day in huge geroups. We receive over 2,000 visitors everyday. I go in today at 4 and close up at 8 this evening after everything is over, dinner and the shows. The quild that you see down below was actually made by a lovely Hawaiian lady who worked there at the PCC for many years. We even have a little booi all about her. Thqt huge quilt is an heirloom and all one piece as it is the Hawaiian style of quilting and that would be applique. It is like making a giant snowflake like when we were kids. I think it took her a year to make the quilt. Well, I would lo9ve to hear from any of you I think you cna comment right here on this blog. try it and see.
Love you, Brenda

The above picture is part of the mission settlement home, one corner. I will add more but I jsut spent a half hour doing this and then lost the whole thing. so now I am hurrying. You can see lots of homemade things that we do. I am learning how to do those squares up  on the top. It is fun and it will take awhile. I can put it on a picture frame or make a pillow out of it.
How about this beautiful little girl? I get to see these lovely little girls and boys every day from all over the world as I have said before. they are adorable aren't they? I am here about 4 or five hours every day and I spend time doing things or just taking care of people and selling. I sure know a lot about that don't I. We are just there to help them though, not a hard sell by any means. Did you know that all the revenue above expenses goes directly to the students at BYU Hawaii? That is the whole purpose of the PCC so these young people can earn their way through school. It is a great program and I am glad to be a part of it.
Time to go, Love, Brenda

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi again, I am playing with putting some pictures up and here is one of me in front of the mission home. I will try and get more up or Kimberly, can you try. I think I wsent you some of these pictures.
Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for joining me once again. Here it is August already and time is flying by and we are having fun and gaining quite an education about the Polynesian Cultural Center. I have been partnered with a lovely new friend by the name of Gloria Stitch. She is also a widow but only had her husband until he was 38 years old. She has raised her family by herself and has done a fantastic job. Right now her main home is in Farmington UT. We both work in the Mission Settlement and her main job is teaching people to play the Ukelele as she has been playing it since she was fifteen. It's amazing how many we sell. I am hoping to play it better with her help. they are really fun and it is amazing how much people take to them.
We are not overworked by any means but we have learned what we are capable of and this morning I was thinking that when I get home perhaps I will work again, and why not? If I can do it here I can do it at home. Of course by then I may be ready for a good rest. Every Monday night we have Family Home Evening as I have probably said before. Tonight the Workmans who are the Temple President and Matron are speaking. Unfortunately I will miss most or all of it as I have to close the settlement house this evening.I have been trying to get hold of them since I got her but they have not been in the temple when I have been. I hope to catch them tonight. As some of you know from SLC we raised our kids together up in Mt. Olympus 8th Ward. We were mumu's. that is the dress here for missionaries who are working in the PCC. In the Settlement we have three different ones and we take turns with the colors. We have special ones for taking tickets at the four places people get to go for dinner. We have just been asked to become friends and mentors to the different groups from the many countries that these darling students come from . I am going to be helping the Australian students. I think it is just to become their friends and help them know where to go for help and advice. They have counselors of course on staff of BYU but sometimes need a friend, or perhaps a mom. I love that idea. I have also been assigned a student ward of single kids, they also have married wards. I will start with them on Sunday and help out the Relief Society Presidency. For those of you who are not LDS, that is the women's organization that meets together every Sunday and is always there to help others when they are in need. If I can figure out how to add pictures, I will put in some of the settlement so you can see where I spend most of my time. Of course this whole place is absolutely beautiful and I invite anyone to come and visit. The whole month of Oct. will be amazing as they will have a haunted Lagoon. Todd and Michelle are coming probably the second week of Oct. so they picked a great time. I love you all and miss every one of you being in my life. Please let me hear from you. God bless you . Brenda