Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The first picture is of course the beautiful Laie Temple just a few minutes from my home here. then a picture of me in front of the mission settlement where I spend most of my days. this darling little girl is a visitor from very far away and I just couldn't resist her so thought i would show her off. there is one picture of one of the corners of where I work. Everything there is hand made and some made by me. We have a ton of crafts and then we have lots of quilting things some made here and the big quilts we order from the Phillipines so we can sell them at an affordable price. All the money goes to the students at BYU Hawaii. The students there represent 70 countries or islands at any given time so it is a beautiful rainbow of students and I love them all. It is a marvelous program. 

Thank you for my birthday cards and well wishes. I appreciate everyone so much. Now that I know how to do this picture thing I will add some more recent pictures another day.

I hope to hear form all of you at one time or another.

Love, Brenda

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