Monday, October 1, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I just don't know what I hit on this keyboard  I had a whole message written and I hit something and it just all disappeared so here I go again. It is after 10 on Sunday night so this won't be long. I am having a Dr. appointment in the morning just so I have a Dr. to go to if I really need one and he will at least know who I am. He is only five minutes from here so that is a good thing.
I have been assigned to an all freshman ward and I may have mentioned that already but they are just great and I look forward to working with. We provide what they call shadow leadership which means we don't do the work for them but we are here to advise.

We went up to some beautiful falls on Sat with five of us. The walk up to the falls was botanical and beutiful. We found a great restaurant afterwards and just totally enjoyed ourselves for the whole day. there is a darling town up north of here that is just very touristy and we loved it. I will have to take all visitors there.

I enjoyed listening to Women's conference this weekend as well and it was very tender and very beautiful.

Kevin is back at work and doing well in his recovery from what the kids say from home. I am very very grateful to God for blessing him and watching over him.
We at the PCC are getting ready for the Haunted Lagoon that will bring in some money for the kids education. It will be absolutely amazing and most everyone on the island will come here during the month of Oct. as well as visitors from all over the world of course.
Not much else to tell for now. Tomorrow night Colleen Newman and I are presenting a family home evening for the Senior missionaries and volunteers and we are talking about our experiences in the Tabernacle choir. I will be singing a solo as Sister Newman has lost her singing voice due to health problems. I feel very badly for her. She will do a great job talking though as she likes to talk about the choir as well as I do.
I will let you know how it turns out.

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