Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Well here it is the end of Oct. just one more day and I am a year older yet again......wow I don't feel any older.....or do I??? Well, it really doesn't matter because it is happening to all of us isn't it?
Well, I keep checking the news and the east coast is suffering terribly with the storm of the century for them.
We did have a scare last Sat. night as we had a Tsunami warning all over the islands and had to grab water and blankets etc and head for higher ground. We were very very fortunate as it did not amount to anything. Nearly 80,000 people were evacuated from Honolulu. We had to close down the PCC and had a thousand people waiting in line for the Haunted Lagoon. I imagine many of them have returned tonight but thank goodness I didn't have to be there tonight. I will finally go through it tomorrow night andthen only one night left and it is over for another year ir perhaps two years. I think they may cancel it for a year so it is more exciting in 20 14. Well, it all remains to be seen.

Gloria and I are preparing a few songs to sing and play with the Ukes. I am to the point that I can play the chords to a number of songs and she is so good she can do lots of picking to make it more fun. I think I will sing Edelweiss. Remember that one from sound of music. the whole thing can be done with five chords so even I can play that one. We haven't decided for sure which others to do but we will by tomorrow morning.

I did have a couple of great experiences this week with guests that I met who I really connected with and will stay in touch with. There is a couple from Connecticut who may just want the missionaries to visit them but we shall see. I must have talked with them for an hour and somehow learned a lot about her life and her challenges. They were a wonderful couple and I am so grateful to have met them.

Dave and Colleen Newman' s kids came to visit and we spent some time with them and they were darling. they live in Midway and know who Marilyn and Tom Ryan are. They are in love with their home and would give about anything to buy it.So, you two better be prepared to have them knock on your door. they are a super couple and he is a singer and guitar player and bought a great Ukulele from us. that was a fun time.

I had a great experience directing the choir from the Stake and we ended up with about 40 young people. they were simply wonderful. My next choir experience will be Nov. 18th when I am hoping to pull together a choir from my ward to perform for a Relief Society event. I am looking forward to that but haven't picked a song yet. That comes next. I need a two part on faith for women.

We have learned that our wonderful President Orgill who has been the PCC President for 12 years will be leaving next summer and he will be a mission President somewhere in the world with his darling wife. He has worked so hard for so long to prepare for the year 2013 when they will celebrate the 50th birthday of the Polynesian cultural Center and they will miss the biggest month in September. Well, that is what they get for being so spiritual and talented right?

We had an infestation of horrible creepy bugs in our pantry so right now everything is all over the kitchen and we have sprayed several times and now we have a bug bomb in there and won't attempt to put it all back together until tomorrow morning. It is awful to see hundreds of those little critters scurrying all over your pantry walls, makes your skin crawl.

Well, this is the big week of Halloween so I hope all the little ones have a good time and get lots of goodies. I imagine we will need to get in some candy for the neighbor kids as all of you will.

I heard from grandson Jordan today who is serving a mission in Argentina. I sent him a box for his birthday from here so I hope he gets it and it isn't stolen. Oh and Lily got her learners permit yesterday and we are so proud of her.

Hey don't forget to vote, no matter what. Take nothing for granted as this is the most important year in history. I understand Billy Graham has told his followers to vote for the man who is a man of God and a family man and who believes in marriage between a man and a woman. Hummmmm, who would that be??

I love you all and miss you very very much. I love my new friends here and we get along just great, amazing huh?
God bless each of you with whatever you are in need of.

Love, Brenda

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