Monday, September 3, 2012

It has been quite awhile since I have posted on my blog and there is a good reason for that. About three weeks ago I got a call from my son Kevin in AZ and he informed me that he was probably going to need open heart surgery. Well, needless to say I was on a plane home within a couple of days just in time to accompany him to have an angiogram which again proved that he needed this operation.  This was causeed by radiation he had when he was 22 years old after having Hodgkins disease. Well, he did much reading and went to several Doctors to make sure that he had to do this and  he went in on that following Monday to have the surgery which ended up to be a tripple by-pass. All went very well and he has been recovering now for two weeks and I have been living with him helping him in his recovery.  He is very strong and recoverinng  well and following the orders given us. He has pretty much become a vegan so we have been eating very very healthy food. the truth is heart disease can be reversed by pretty much taking out all meat and even fish all oils etc. from your diet. So, it is a good idea if anyone you know has had a by-pass or is growing close to one, look up Dr. Dean Ornish, or Dr. Caldwell Esselsten. They have proven that they can reverse heart disease with diet. It's pretty strict but then life is worth it.
Today is Labor day and Trappers birthday so he has been gone for two years now and I can hardly believe it, it seems more like six months to me. We are getting together at Kimberly's for dinner and just being together and that will be great.  I haven't seen them much as I have been here at Kevin's. I think he will be ready for me to leave and go back to Hawaii next week. I will be ready and anxious to go back and get busy again serving. I have met wonderful loving people and now I have a ton of new friends who will be in my life in one way or another forever I hope. Just like all the friends I have now, they all mean so much to me as does my wonderful family and extended family.  Thank you all for caring so much for Kevin and for all of your prayers, they are being answered. Now please pray for a speedy recovery. God bless you all.

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