Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I haven't figured out how to do thia quite yet. I accidentally put the same picture twice. I will get the hang of this I am sure. We just have cabinets all over the house with displays showing all the things we make there and sell. We have beautiful quilts for sale but they are made in the Phillipines. It just tkes too long to make quilts as you all know. We have dozens of other items tha people just love. Today I will take close up pictures of things that we make and sell. People like to take home momentos of their trips and they do come from all over the world. Yesterday a cou;le came in from Nova Scotia. Lots of people from China and Japan every single day in huge geroups. We receive over 2,000 visitors everyday. I go in today at 4 and close up at 8 this evening after everything is over, dinner and the shows. The quild that you see down below was actually made by a lovely Hawaiian lady who worked there at the PCC for many years. We even have a little booi all about her. Thqt huge quilt is an heirloom and all one piece as it is the Hawaiian style of quilting and that would be applique. It is like making a giant snowflake like when we were kids. I think it took her a year to make the quilt. Well, I would lo9ve to hear from any of you I think you cna comment right here on this blog. try it and see.
Love you, Brenda

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