Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The above picture is part of the mission settlement home, one corner. I will add more but I jsut spent a half hour doing this and then lost the whole thing. so now I am hurrying. You can see lots of homemade things that we do. I am learning how to do those squares up  on the top. It is fun and it will take awhile. I can put it on a picture frame or make a pillow out of it.
How about this beautiful little girl? I get to see these lovely little girls and boys every day from all over the world as I have said before. they are adorable aren't they? I am here about 4 or five hours every day and I spend time doing things or just taking care of people and selling. I sure know a lot about that don't I. We are just there to help them though, not a hard sell by any means. Did you know that all the revenue above expenses goes directly to the students at BYU Hawaii? That is the whole purpose of the PCC so these young people can earn their way through school. It is a great program and I am glad to be a part of it.
Time to go, Love, Brenda

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