Monday, September 17, 2012

Return from Phoenix to Polynesian Cultural Center

Today is Sept. 17th.  I returned to Hawaii last Thursday.  Kevin felt like he was okay to be
 home alone recuperating.  That is good news isn't it?  I have been pestering him everyday to see how he is doing but I will slow that down as well.  I was very happy to see everybody but found that the PCC is very quiet the month of Sept. as kids have gone back to school so families are no longer vacationing.  The month of Oct. will pick up again as we will start the Haunted Lagoon Oct. 4th I believe. that is very very exciting and people really come out for it.

I have also started with my new ward assignment which is a brand new Ward as they actually all have been reorganized. I have all freshman and since they are just beginning to call and make assignments there was nobody to organized Relief Society today. So being the obvious older person there I just ran the meeting and shared my story so they couold get to know me. It is a perfect mixture of cultures and beautiful to see.  This evening I went to what they call a meeting Gospel Forum. It is made up of students from Australiz and New Zealand. they planned a whole evening of music and it was wonderful. Each student bore their tesstimony and then performed. Some were groups, some were solos and some duets. Lots of great talent so it was a beautiful evening. We are all assigned to different countries or islands. they will meet once a month.

So, I am back at the mission settlement and back to playing the ukalele, or rather learning it. Michael Ballum and his wife Laurie and son Ben are now there and have been for a couple of weeks. Ben moves around from one place to another and that is good for him. He has a lovely voice and is learning the ukeleleThe family put on an amazing evening while I was still gone but my friend Janice recorded it so I sat and watched it this afternoon and it was amazing what this family has gone through with a son with Spina Bifida. He has had over 30 operations and not too long ago he wouldn't have made it out of the hospital . Now he is 21 and wears an Elder Ballum missionary tag so proudly. They are an amazing family and I look forward to knowing them better.
Well, must get some sleep, so very tired.

I am happy I came home  to be with Kevin and the rest ofmy wonderful family. So glad to be back here though to finish what I started. God be with you all and please feel free to write to me at

Love, Sis Woods

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