Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Three days into the MTC in Provo UT and I am loving it. Over 2,000 young missionaries and over 100 Senior Missionaries are here at one time. It is so amazing how smoothly everything runs. I have a temporary roomate who is amazing at 89 years old about to go back to her home in St. George to serve in the Temple visitors center there. She is fun to get to know and we are having a great time together. I have 2 minutes to get back so this is a short one.
My thanks to all those who came to my friends Adele's home last week and again at my niece Martha's home. I love you all so very very much for caring so much for me. It means everything to me and I dearly love you all.
I am heading out to Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center this coming Friday already but there are no hard and fast rumors for Sr. Missionaries about communicating. So, whoever has Skype, I will have it as well when I get there.
Must quit now, Love you all, Brenda

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