Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hi Everyone, It is the end of two weeks here and I am well into my service here. I have been assigned to the Mission Settlement about in the center of the Polynesian Cultural Center from now on known as the PCC. It is pretty funny for me to be in the craft area since I have never adored crafts, but guess what, I am enjoying learning how to create different things that we have for sale. People, especially women and children love this stuff and buy it all. We have hand made quilts that are exquisite and lots of Hawaiian style quilting which is applique type quilting. Also I am learning the Ukalele. I just have trouble spelling that. You can play a ton of songs with 4 or 5 chords. Monday a darling new gal will be joining me who really knows how to play it. Also there is a tiny chapel which is a replica of the original first chapel build by the Congregationalists who were the first Christians to come to the islands. I am learning a lot of history of the islands and sharing that with people. I get to see new people from all over the world every day and I love that. Yesterday I got to share with a beautiful family all about our church. When they ask about it I was able to share my story and give them a Book of Mormon and it was an incredible experience. I am eternally grateful. Also Beth Kammerer came over to see me. She was a dear friend from my Pennsylvania days and she is teaching in a high school and her husband Dave teaches at BYU Hawaii right here. I am so happy to see her and she already asked me to sing a solo at Stake conference in August. I sing a bit every day with this tiny Ukelele. We have a concert pianist here as well. Well, I am off with a friend since it is a day off for me. It is exquisite here but the heat is difficult with the high humidity. It is surprising but we can see movies so Anna and I went to see the new cartoon Ice Age.....really funny so laughed a lot. If any of you want to see the Polynesian Village just search for Polynesian Village Laie, HI and they have a great website. Love you all, Sis Brenda


  1. Hi beautiful lady.

    What a fantastic exeperience you are having. I loved reading about your adventure and I do so with a lot of envy. I easly can see you shine in this new life of yours. And "way to go" in already passing out a B of M. This will be fun for me to follow your blog.

    Lots of love,
    Jan Martin

  2. Love hearing about you mission. I check your blog every week. You're a "natural" missionary!! We're about ready to send in our papers. Will let you know.
    Love, Norma

  3. Glad to see you are settled and are happy in your new adventure. Just remember although it is humid does wonders for your skin! HA! Keep up your blog, Brenda. We friends back here in the desert will love following it. You can tantalize us with the lush green foliage, the descriptions of surf and sunsets over the water. So glad you are able to keep up your music. Once they hear and see you perform, you will surely be doing more of it.

  4. As I have read your posts, I can just picture it all (since we there less than a year ago)! I am so happy for the fabulous experience you are having and will have! It's truly inspiring...and am looking forward to following your blog!! Take care, love ya!