Monday, June 17, 2013

Here we are June nearly over already, well half over anyway.  It has been a great month have met so many people once again from all parts of the world visiting the PCC. The weather has warmed up quite a bit so I get more tired at the end of the day just from the heat and high humidity.

We had a two day education week here at BYU Hawaii and I was so happy to be asked to sing in the opening session. Our main speakers were T.C. Christensen and his wife who had four children born with the rarest form of MS.  They told about their journey with these darling children who had to endure so much in their young lives. They lost two of them already and the other two are going through a lot as well. She is singing now with the Mormon Tabernacle choir so when they left they headed for Chicago so she could join them in their Great Lakes tour I think they called it. A lovely couple and she is good friends with an old friend of mine who I performed with quite a bit still singing in the choir Trisha Swanson.
Things are really moving forward preparing for the 50yh anniversary with lots of fixing up and painting and just beautifying the whole place. They have a whole new show at the Samoa Island and a Luau and they are working many hours a day trying to finish the Aloha  Luau. It got totally invaded by termites and had to be rebuilt.

I have lost all three of my roommates. They served their 18 months and two are home in Utah and the other one is leaving in a couple of days. She is going up to Oregon but will be in SLC to film the parade on the 24th.  Our PCC float one first prize last year and it was amazing. They are putting the whole HA the Breath of Life show on in SLC so that will be wonderful for you SLC people to go and see. Go to the PCC site and I imagine they talk about the calendar of events.

I had my son Mark come here a short time ago and I met him at the airport and we went to dinner in Waikiki
and then he met his friend Jeremy and they flew to Kona for the half Ironman.  They both finished the race but poor Jeremy had blisters all over his feet so Mark came out to the PCC alone and we enjoyed most of the day together. I am looking forward to Kimberly and Kevin coming in Sept.

It seems so empty in this apartment and I had lots of help last evening from my other friends cleaning the kitchen trying to rid it of the roaches that have infested. that i the only bad part of being her roaches and the salt air rusts everything in site. A brand new bike looks ten years old in one year They put new locks on our doors here and in three months they looked ten years old. Very strange air here, we have volcanic powder in the air mixed with the salt so it is all over your wind shield in no time at all.  You have to wash your windows every day.

Time is flying by so fast it seems like it is impossible that I have been here already nearly a year. I want to get home near the time that Jordan arrives home from Argentina because once he is home he will head out to school somewhere and Jazzie will be going to Utah State. I can't believe it is that time of life already.
Love you all, please write me or call me too. Different kind of mission you know.
I miss everyone so much,
Love, Brenda

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