Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I don't know what I do but more often than not I write a whole lot and I am abut to post it and it disappears and I get discouraged and just forget abut it.

I will try once again to post here some of my thoughts and feelings about being here. It is the second week of May 2013 and I am still loving being here and serving these young people coming here for an education from 70 countries. the school is gong through much construction right now with many new dorms for both single people and married people.  Also there is a beautiful new stake center that will be dedicated in Sept by Russel Nelson who will be coming over for the celebration of the fiftieth birthday birthday party of the PCC. That will be a huge week with lots going on.  I can't wait to be in a real church again as i have been assigned to a wonderful freshman ward who is now meeting in a classroom setting and we move to other classrooms for the Sunday school classes.  I have been teaching Gospel Doctrine for the first time in my life an at first it terrified me. However with a few classes under my belt I am now really enjoying it and loving teaching these beautiful young people. My ward are all freshman but we have many ages. Since the church put out the new rules that young women can serve missions now at age 19 and young men at 18, students are flying out the door as soon as they are ld enough to serve the Lord. Consequently we change faces in our ward often. As a matter of fact since I came here we are on our third Relief Society Presidency. How would that be? However visiting teaching is easier because everyone lives in the same dorm and they call them Hale's here.
We have fifteen sister missionaries and over 20 couples serving and also people serving missions teaching at BYU Hawaii. It is totally amazing there are so many who are needed.  Also the Pcc is now building an entirely new marketplace that hopefully will bring in more people who are just driving by. We will have a restaurant and many stores. They are rebuilding a Luau venue that was infested with termites and about to fall down.....well almost anyway. The new IMAX movie is open and runs all day and has a beautiful new shop that people just love.
We are selling Ukulele's every day and teaching people every day and I am helping to sew when I have the time. It rains nearly every day but that is good as it brings people into the settlement where I work every day.
We sell lots of umbrellas and ponchos.

I feel so bless to have so many new friends and to have wonderful home evenings every Monday night. Last week we had one of the temple presidency speak to us and he was so amazing. Our whole world will be dotted with so many more temple than we now have and millions of lives will be blessed because of it.
Last night we had this wonderful group of diverse young people from BYUH give us a presentation that they are presenting around the country talking of what they are involved in called Enactus. There are 166 students involved along with skilled faculty managers and faculty campus and business leaders doing good in the world. They talk of their many projects and it is fascinating.They will be our future business leaders.

We are having an Education Week next month that I have been asked to sing for.It actually only lasts two days here and we will all go to as much as we can while we are not working.

My wonderful ward is working hard to send a large box over here to help many young people who come from very poor circumstances. They need bedding an everything that goes along with it. I know that many missionaries are asking for help from their home wards. These darling young people sometimes come here with the clothes on their backs an then they start working the day after they are here but don't get a pay check for three weeks so they need help. They work so hard and try so hard.. Just imagine coming to a school that is taught in a language that you have only been studying for a couple of years. Wow that would be hard.

I love them all so much and we so try to be surrogate Mom's for them and they just all need lots of love and hugs and when they walk across that stage in three years with a college diploma it just changes their young lives.
Thank you all for your help God will bless you.

Must hurry and get over there, it is time I Leave,
Love, Brenda

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